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The Quetzelcoatl of Sunset

Publication by Mark D Mejia for - Robert Mejia Sr. Edited by L. Jane Wyatt-Mejia, Circa 1974 -75. A short story, discussing the development of Hispanic Cultural Arts Projects in Mid-Century Fresno, California by Chicano Activists Educators, La Raza Artists, and Fresno State Students at the height of the Social Movement of the mid 1970's. Subjects include: Fresno, California, Downtown Fresno, West Fresno, and Chinatown, located in Fresno, California.
Author: MarkDMejia
Added: 29 Jan, 2013
Last updated: 28 Mar, 2013
Category: History
No. of pages: 30
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From: MarkDMejia (sent: 26 Mar, 2013)
A moment was taken to pull-back and get perspective on the story. The second half of my Father’s short story about his people in the early 70’s is very inspiring forty years later. I enjoyed reading the second portion "even more than the first section." The second part beyond page 6 - describes a gathering of the Rural Hispanic Peoples from Fresno, Kings, Kern, and Madera Counties, "as well as Urban Hispanic Peoples living within the City of Fresno, Clovis, and the outerlying smaller towns that make-up Fresno County. Note: TQoS becomes historically significant, for the story is demonstrative of a specific point in recent California Hispanic history, where "Hispanics in both the Country and City” came together as a united people under the auspices of a public celebration, using common spoken words such as: La Raza, Raza, Campesino, Charros, and the like. “If you’ve ever enjoyed how the Israelites gathered and marched out of Egypt in the epic Bible story; Exodus and the Hollywood Motion Picture, The Ten Commandments, you'll absolutely love the second portion of the story. Plus, there are full page pictures of the TQoS Project. I hope you enjoy reading this story my friends.

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