The Library:

With MyeBook's e-commerce solution, we've made it possible to sell digital and hard copy editions. On completion of the introductory period, will charge a simple commission on each transaction. Another sign of our total commitment to you, as the creator, author or producer of the work, it is you who takes the majority share of the transaction.

Selling digitally

Digital publishing saves you the publisher expensive printing and storage costs. With a digital edition you have infinite copies available online instantly. MyeBook digital copies enable you to sell your book securely with no setup costs; the perfect way for authors of any genre to market their work.

Selling hardcopies

Selling hardcopies of your books is just as easy: By utilising the feature, when a payment is made, an order together with the customers shipping details and on receipt of payment, an invoice is e-mailed to you, and you simply post out your printed book to the customer. That's it. No middleman, no fuss.

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