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What it's all about
Now you're using myebook to promote your book, product or service, we're adding to the list of benefits. You will now have the ability to earn revenue from your work !
You see, with myebooks new e-commerce solution, we've made it possible to offer digital and hard copy editions for sale. What's more, the seller receives 100% of the cover price for a limited introductory period. Once the introductory period ends will charge a rate of 10% commission on transactions. Another sign of our total commitment to you, the creator, author or producer of the work, is that it is you who takes the majority share of the transaction. There are no comparisons to be made anywhere else in the market place. Put quite simply offers the best on-line content delivery system.
So how does it all work?
Selling digitally:
Selling a digital copy means you can sell an 'on-screen' version of your document. This obviously offers the distinct advantage that you don't have to print and store numerous hard copy editions of your publication. With a digital edition, you effectively have infinite copies available that are accessible on-line immediately. Digital copies of myebooks are also secure, and can not be passed on or altered like a traditional pdf or Word document. This method makes it possible to sell your book with no setup cost. The perfect way for budding authors of any genre to get their word out there.
But what if you already own stock?
Selling hardcopies:
Selling hardcopies of your books is just as easy and is a perfect way to sell directly to your audience. By utilising this feature, when a payment is made, an order is generated the customer's shipping details. The invoice/transaction is then emailed to you, and you simply post out the ordered book to the customer. That's it. No middleman, no fuss.
Need help?
Thinking about using the myebook e-commerce system? As you'd expect with, using our seamlessly integrated e-commerce service is incredibly easy. Our intuitive system explains everything you need to know. If you need help at any stage however, simply contact the help desk on Skype 'myebooksupport' for a free live chat. We're more than happy to help.
Paypal integation:
For launch, we've fully integrated Paypal as our pay system of choice. Once set up, money is transferred directly to your account.