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1. homepage

Once you have entered you'll see the homepage. This is where we like to highlight various cool features of the system. You'll see a carousel of books that are currently on the shelf, an option to 'take a tour' (taking you to this very page), the chance to browse the full library, and finally an option build your own book using our powerful yet simple myebook builder.
If you are an existing user, you can login at the top of the page. If you haven't yet got an account (why?!?!) simply use the Sign Up option at the top and get your desired username. It's quick and totally free.

2. registering

Registering with myebook could not be easier, we have removed what we don´t need to know so all we ask is for a genuine name and email address, that´s it!
Simply complete the form and then press the register button, you will receive an account activation email, simply click the link and you are in, you can create your ebooks, register with communities, find contacts, rate / comment on books and more...
Remember when registering that your username will be your main identification within the system and will also be the address of your site homepage, We told you it was simple!

3. myaccount

The myaccount page is your central control area within myebook (now it sounds complicated) and enables you to fully manage all aspects of your account.
Each part of the system is labelled accordingly within its own tab, you just click the "enter" button and you will be directed into the chosen application, once you are in the management options will appear within the left hand menu.
Create new books, manage your communities, message your contacts, add more contacts, whatever you need to do it all starts here!
Please note that uploading files can be done within the builder as well as within the file management area.

4. user homepage

The user homepage is your piece of real-estate within, you have your own address, and you can promote this to contact friends, work colleagues.
This page will contain an overview of your published books, your contacts, your communities and also includes the "page" facility to enable other users to post comments and leave message within your page.

5. the ebook builder

The builder software, some might say, is the most important element of
Simply put we are confident that this is the most powerful, simple to use publishing tool on the Internet, which enables anyone and everyone to create, publish and share their ebook creations... yes, this means you!
The builder has two very important aspects.
Firstly its all drag and drop! meaning that once you have uploaded your files or imported them from one of our partner sites you simply choose the required file and drag it onto the page, could it be any easier?
Secondly, the intelligent click, what this simply means is that whenever you click on an asset or area within the builder the edit panel changes and highlights the options for the selected asset or area, no looking through the dropdowns or having to read the help to find out how to crop an image or add text, simply click what you want to manage and then look to the right, and as if by magic the options are there!

6. the ebook viewer

Once your creation is complete where better to show it off than within the myebook viewer (a place we think all books should be viewed).
From here users will have the ability to interact with your ebook by taking screengrabs, subscribing, watching video, leaving comments and much more.
The viewer has the ability to be embedded within external sites, once you have created your ebook we understand you will want to show it off so all you need to do is copy the embed code which is located within the viewer or on the book detail page and place the code within your html, your book launcher will appear on your page and enable you to promote your ebook.