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Our cutting edge software will keep you at the forefront of what publishing technology can offer, add our experience on how to get the best from this and you have the winning combination.

Dedicated account manager

In order to provide the best service available and form a close relationship with our customers, we assign every business customer a personal account manager. Your account manager's aim is to provide the highest level of service that meets your exact needs. They are able to work closely with you to understand your business model and assist in creating a digital strategy that will help you achieve your digital goals, from best practices in design, through to creating and delivery, your account manager is there every step of the way.

Platform Agnostic

Question: So what actually is Platform Agnostic?
Answer: platform agnostic is a software product that will run equally well across all platforms.
So with that definition in mind, Our HTML5 publishing platform and Apps allows your content to be read over any platform, on any browser or viewed on any device, by doing this you can engage an on-demand international audience, allowing them to choose when and how they will interact with your content and your brand

Tools that add real value

Our aim is to help you increase your brands awareness to an on-demand, international audience by using the MyeBook HTML5 platform and App. Once your publication is created you have access to many additional tools including; streaming video, we and email links, custom animations, Webstream pages and social media that gives you the opportunity to customise your publication and engage your reader. These tools have been created to add real value to your content, either through the reader experience, or by generating additional revenues through reader subscriptions or from sponsors and advertisers.

Social media integration

Social Media is becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools available to content providers and publishers, it offers the ability to target our audience while tempting our readers to repost content to their feed reaching a whole new audience. Our social media integration platform allows you and your audience to create, share, and exchange information on-demand, the Media Hub branded App means you can bring together all your latest content, news and events direct to your readers and use push notifications to make sure they are fully engaged with your brand, while theMyebook platform creates your eBook and lets readers comment, or like on your social media feed or alternatively they can share either the whole publication, or specific content on their own social media feeds.

Your content optimised for search engines

By creating your content through our HTML5 platform all your content is automaticallyoptimised for search engines, making you visible through the web. Making your publication available through search engines such as Google generates valuable traffic back to your eBook and increases your readership and the chances of more subscriptions.

Integrated Analytics

Our Real-time analytics is integrated into the MyeBook platform and allows you to monitor activity as it happens. Each report is updated continuously and each reader event is shown giving detailed information on how they are interacting with your content, seconds after it occurs. You will now have access to analytics showing you how social media engages your readers to share your content and how it attracts a new audience.

Password Protected (DRM)

Our Digital Rights Management system (DRM) allows you to password protect your content, accessible only with a designated password. This means sensitive material can be made available and only those people who are meant to see it will be able to access the content, it also means that paid subscribers can access your content at any time either online or through the App and readers who have not subscribed can be directed to your subscription area of your website.

Own brand native apps

Our Media Hub Apps offers you a fully branded solution on both Apple iOS and Android as a quick cost effective way to bring all of your content, documents, eBooks, videos, and social media together in one place. Your readers only need to view your App to get the latest news, events and content information, all the content inside your App is updated live and on-demand in real time giving your audience the most up to date information possible about your brand.

Cross platform and responsive

Through Apps and online, engage your readers and advertisers, and deliver them the same exceptional reader experience by offering your content, eBooks, and social media on-demand over any device or on any platform.

“We’ve made making ebooks from your
own documents so simple; your customers will
be turning the pages in no time.”

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